Middle School Admissions Overview (Grades 6-8)

Open House Information


Eligibility Description

Open to students and residents of District 6

Admissions Method

Open: Students are randomly selected in priority group order


Priority Groups

1. Priority to continuing students

2. Then to residents of the middle school zone


3. Then to District 6 students and residents


  • Contact the school counselor at your child’s current school for more information.

  • If your child currently attends 187, please email your questions to Ms. Julie McCullough at JMcCullough3@schools.nyc.gov.

Grade 5 Families

Current fifth grade students will receive a personalized welcome letter later this fall or winter; this letter will include information on how to access your MySchools account.



  • The welcome letter includes instructions to create a MySchools account including a unique creation code.

  • We highly recommend that all families create a MySchools account because...

o You can submit your child's middle school application through MySchools.

o It is a great tool to research NYC middle schools. You will receive your child's middle school results on MySchools the moment it is released to families.


Right now, you can:

  • Watch admissions video series and read more to learn how to participate in middle school admissions this school year.

  • Start exploring program options in MySchools online directory (no account is needed). 

  • Sign up for our middle school admissions email list: we'll send you more information on how and when to apply as soon as it's available, as well as key date reminders and admissions event invitations.

Intermediate School Admissions