Middle School Application 

  • The middle school application will open during the week of January 11, 2021

  • The deadline for families to submit their middle school application will be the week of February 23, 2021

  • Middle school offers will be available to families and school staff in the spring

Attention Grade 5 Families!!
The middle school application is now available in MySchools. You must submit by February 23, 2021. Please direct all your questions to Ms. McCullough at JMcCullough3@schools.nyc.gov. Please feel free to attend the middle school information session hosted by the Middle School Admissions Team. 

Fill | Join us for a Virtual Middle School Admissions Event!
Join us for a Virtual Middle School Admissions Information Session! At each of these events, we’ll walk you through how to apply to middle school, including changes due to COVID-19. After the presentation, we will respond to your questions. There is one session for each borough. Dates and times are listed in the form below. If you cannot attend the event for your borough, you may attend a different borough's session. The day before the event, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the link to the virtual event(s) you registered for—when the event starts, click this link to join. Please check our website for the most current list of dates and language supports for events. Can’t attend? A recorded presentation will be available on our website later this month. You can also watch our Middle School Admissions Video Series and find the most up-to-date admissions information at schools.nyc.gov/Middle.


  • MySchools Welcome Letters were mailed to families the week of December 9, 2020

  • The welcome letter includes instructions to create a MySchools account including a unique creation code

  • If you have not received a welcome letter in the mail, please reach out to Ms. McCullough at JMcCullough3@schools.nyc.gov

  • We highly recommend that all families create a MySchools account because...

    • You can submit your child's middle school application through MySchools

    • It is a great tool to research NYC middle schools

    • You will receive your child's middle school results on MySchools the moment it is released to families

Admissions Methods 
       As announced by city and agency leadership, DOE public middle schools will use an open admissions method this year. This means that programs will pause on screening, or using applicants’ academic records, auditions, or other assessments to evaluate or admit students. This will affect programs with a screened, composite score, or talent test admissions method. If a school has more applicants than available seats, offers will be made using priority groups (when applicable) and random selection (a lottery). 
      Dual Language programs that previously screened will rank applicants based on ELL data. Academic information will not be used. ​

Intermediate School Admissions



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