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Middle School Admissions Overview (Grades 6-8)

Eligibility Description

Open to students and residents of District 6

Admissions Method

Open: Students are randomly selected in priority group order


Priority Groups

1. Priority to continuing students

2. Then to residents of the middle school zone


3. Then to District 6 students and residents


  • Contact the school counselor at your child’s current school for more information.

  • If your child currently attends 187, please email your questions to Ms. Julie McCullough at

Grade 5 Families

The middle school application has now opened. All families, even those who will remain at 187 for grade 6,  must apply in MySchools by December 1, 2022. Middle School enrollment mailed the MySchools letter earlier this week. As soon as you receive your letter, set up an account.

If you do not receive a letter by next week, email Ms. Seda with your child’s name and homeroom. Ms. Seda is also available during PTC on 11/3/22 to answer any of your questions. Please email her at for an appointment.  


Right now, you can:

  • Watch admissions video series and read more to learn how to participate in middle school admissions this school year.

  • Start exploring program options in MySchools online directory (no account is needed). 

  • Sign up for our middle school admissions email list: we'll send you more information on how and when to apply as soon as it's available, as well as key date reminders and admissions event invitations.

Intermediate School Admissions

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