Friends of 187 
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Friends of 187 (“Friends”) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed by parents in 2008, raises money to fund creative, hands-on learning during the PS/IS 187 school day. Programs and teachers are funded for every student in every grade. 

Family and community giving  - primarily through an annual Auction benefit and Support Our School appeal - provide for vibrant instruction to supplement where the school budget falls short. Please donate – without you, we cannot maintain all the exciting school-day programming at PS/IS 187.  

Friends of 187 is entirely parent volunteer led, and always needs new volunteers to keep going strong. Friends of 187 raises between $100,000-$125,000 per year, primarily through an annual direct appeal (Support our School) and 187 Annual Benefit.

2020-2021 Team

President: Marisa Biehl
Secretary: Diane Dragan
Treasurer: Kate Wood

Emily Barnes
Marisa Biehl 
Diane Dragan
Stacey Farrar Hermes
Nori Kuriyama
Francela Lopez
Camila Otero
Jessica Shea 
Abigail Shue
Kate Wood
Shawn Folz

Karima Khawja


Why Friends matters
Kids love learning by doing and they crave exposure to the full range of subjects beyond the basics.  Friends focuses its support on “hands-on” learning in these areas, often areas where the school budget no longer covers what it once did. The organization funds programs and contributes to the cost of teaching artists including:

  • Drama, music and film-making emphasize “learning by doing."

  • Visual Art in the elementary school, not covered by the school budget.

  • ​Creative writing program in the 6th and 7th grades.

  • Drumming in 8th grade.  

How Friends works with the school
Friends works closely with school administration, the School Leadership Team and teachers to ensure that the funded programs and teaching artists are successful, both in how students respond and how they integrate with the curriculum.  
Different from many other schools, PS/IS 187 is fortunate to have two separate fundraising organizations to support its students. Both organizations are parent-run and raise money for PS/IS 187; however, Friends is a 501(c)(3)—so contributions are tax deductible—and Friends focuses exclusively on classroom based, school-day programming. The PTO hosts several events throughout the year and specifically pays for the teachers mini-grants, after-school programs, professional development, classroom equipment and supplies. Together, Friends of 187 and the PTO work as partners to fund a variety of programs for all the children of our school.