District 6 Information

Community School District 6

Community School District 6 (CSD 6) is a New York City Public Schools district serving Hamilton Heights, Washington Heights, and Inwood. Our CSD 6 consists of 39 schools. 

The district 6 leadership team provides support to schools and families in various ways including hosting early childhood, middle and high school fairs.

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Superintendent: Manuel Ramirez   mramire4@schools.nyc.gov

Family Leadership Coordinator: Rebecca Alicea  ralicea@schools.nyc.gov

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Community Education Council District 6

Community Education Council District 6 (CEC D6) is responsible for advocating for policies that enable all CSD 6 schools to provide each student with a quality public education. 

CEC 6 executive board is comprised of 11 voting parent and guardian members. 


The council meets twice a month, once for business and another for the calendar meeting. Business meetings are open to the public as silent observers and calendar meetings are open to the public for comments.


If you are interested in learning more about the mission of CEC 6 or want to attend one of the virtual CEC 6 meetings, click here.

CEC’s give parents a unique opportunity to support and impact public school education at the district level. Each CEC has 11 voting members. To learn more about the roles and responsibilities click here.

Citywide council members are education policy advisors for the 4 student populations they represent: high school, special education, ELL, and District 75.

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Are in interested in running for a position in the District 6 CEC or a Citywide Council? Applications open February 1st. To learn more click here.

CEC 6 President: Lisandra Sanchez


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