Community Handbook

Community Handbook and Policies

P.S./I.S. 187 Hudson Cliffs School is a community of teachers, parents, and administrators that strive to nurture diverse learners who challenge themselves academically, think critically and actively participate in their community. This school year will be a unique learning experience as we engage in a combination of blended learning and 100% remote only learning environments.       

-Principal Emel Topbas-Mejia

Access our 2020-2021 Community Handbook by clicking here or the picture.

(Spanish version page 28) 

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RESPECT FOR ALL: Fostering anti-bullying practices

The NYC Department of Education’s system-wide response to bullying and harassment.

Resources for Parents and Students:

The DOE has complied resources for families on the following topics: Bullying, cyber-bullying and escalation, disabilities, race and religion, immigration status, mental health, sexual orientation or gender. More information can be found here or the picture.

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DOE Citywide Behavioral Expectations Handbooks:

Kindergarten-5th Grade and 6th Grade-12th Grade